Professional-X Backpack Harness

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The BHX1000 has been designed with the professional user in mind and when used together with the AFH1500 harness (supplied separately or as part of a kit) provides exceptional comfort for all day use.The BHX1000 is compatible with the Professional-X series and with the ADB1000 adaptor (supplied separately) can be used with all other EGO tools.Some great features of this backpack harness include soft padded double shoulder straps, back cushioning and adjustable waist and shoulders to provide maximum comfort on the job, a water resistant harness which gives the backpack longevity when working in damp conditions, a carrying handle so you can transport it with ease, and a high current capacity cable which links the battery to the tool.The AFH1500 Harness (supplied separately) is compatible with the BHX1000 and the BAX1500 Professional-X backpack battery.
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