61cm Snow Blower

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The EGO Power+ Professional 2-Stage Snow Thrower will tackle the toughest snow conditions with ease. This model is provided without batteries and chargers, so is perfect if you’re already an EGO customer looking to add to your collection.Two batteries work in sync to provide maximum power when tackling tough jobs, allowing the 61cm clearing-width and 51cm intake height to get to work on the task in hand. It’s self-propelled to take the strain off you and has a reverse gear so it’s easy to manoeuvre out of tight spots using its high traction wheels.You can adjust the chute direction to throw the snow off in the direction you desire, this can be adjusted around a 200° circumference. It can throw snow up to 15m, meaning you can clear a large area without needing to revisit in proximity. 4 LED lights help to guide you during darkness, ensuring a safe pathway or driveway for people to walk on.
Įtampa56 V
Chute Rotation Turning Radius (°)200 °
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