900m³/h BLOWER

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The LB5300E is a great addition to your home garden needs. Featuring variable speed control, the high-efficiency brushless motor combines with jet turbine technology to allow effective clearing of leaves, gutters and even blowing excess grass off your lawn mower. The Turbo Boost feature puts out 900m3 of air per hour, meaning small and medium sized gardens are perfect for the LB5300E Blower. You won’t find many petrol-powered blowers on the market with more power than that! Already use EGO Power+ cordless garden tools? This is perfect for you. Our EGO batteries fit in any of our equipment, meaning you can easily switch your battery between products.
Voltage (V)56 V
Max. Propulsive Force (N)16 N·m
Fan Speed23,000 /min
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